The Nudea Fit Tape

Self-measure at home with The Fit Tape for the most comfortable fitting of your life. Each Fit Tape purchase comes with a free Virtual Fitting to guide you to the right fit.

  • *The Nudea Fit Tape is designed specifically for Nudea bras. While our Fit Tape measures up to 42HH, our bras are currently stocked up to a 36GG/38E. 

    Did you know 80% of bra-wearers are wearing the wrong size?

    Our bespoke Nudea Fit Tape empowers you to self-measure at home with easy-to-read coloured zones to tell you your bra size as you measure - no complicated conversions or calculations needed. Two simple steps!

    Custom-created based on data-driven realness based on our in-house research, our durable long-lasting Fit Tape is designed to be used over and over again to make old school measuring tapes and physical fittings a thing of the past.

    • UK size measurements - please see our Size Guide for international conversions

    • Coloured zoning for easy to read Band and Cup Size

    • Metallic slider functionality for hands-free measurement

    • Double-sided; made from durable-vinyl 

    Each Fit Tape also comes with a complimentary Virtual Fitting. A one-to-one with a bra expert to find your ideal fit. They will talk you through how to use our bespoke tape, discuss any current bra fit issues you may have and recommend styles to suit your unique shape and size.

    In the meantime, you can watch our #MeasureUp tutorial below. 

Watch the video below for some handy instructions on how to use the Nudea Tape Measure :