Nudea's CareMore Pledge encompasses the ethos of Buy Less, Care More. The best thing a bra-wearer can do to buy responsibly is to buy a bra that fits and can be worn time and again without discomfort. Our products are designed to fit better and are made with premium quality materials that last longer and are sourced responsibly.

The average woman owns 16 bras but wears only 3-5 a year. Unlike other fast fashion items that you wear once and then have the option to donate, bras and underwear are ready to throw out once the wires and elastics are so stretched that they are unsupportive and cannot be re-used. A recent study from Bristol Textile Recyclers (BTR) estimates that around 0.5% of the 5,000 tonnes of textiles that end up in landfills in the UK are bras. This works out to 320,000 bras a year.

Nudea aims to reduce this number with the following:

- The Nudea Bra Care Kit is the world's first dedicated cleaning and care system devoted to prolonging the life of bras and underwear. All of elements of the kit, including the detergents, are made from eco-friendly, earth kind materials.
- Nudea's bras + briefs are made from post-consumer waste (such as plastic bottles) and/or post-industrial recycled yarns.
- All of Nudea's bras are designed with premium and quality features designed to make it last longer than the standard 3-6 months. Features such as 4 hook&eye and high-quality hardware and fabrics designed to last even vigorous wear and washing.
- All of Nudea's bras + briefs come with a complimentary laundry bag made from recycled yarns, to ensure you have an easy way to take care of your underwear at home.
- Our fabrics are ISO 14001 environmental standard certificated and we use optimised dyes that do not contain heavy metals.
- Our Cups are made from recycled spacer fabric and not foam like most standard bras. Foam is very polluting to manufacture and uses harmful chemicals that find their way into the water supply. Spacer is a 3D textile structure made from polyester, nylon or cotton mix with a microfilament inner layer. Spacer is breathable, light, and cool to the touch allowing air to pass through the filaments which offer a much lighter and comfortable wearing experience. It is not produced using harmful chemicals so is a great alternative to traditional foam.
- There are 26 components that make up a bra and we are continuously working with our suppliers to source all componentry, including wires and hardware from sustainable sources. With a plan to eventually offer a recycling program for bras and underwear.
- Our factory is certificated under ISO 9001, GOTS, Sedex, Fairtrade and SMET (compliance with code of conduct). Their internal labs are accredited with ISO/IEC 17025
- The Nudea Face Mask is made from sustainably-sourced organic cotton and is coated in a naturally occurring antibacterial finish. It has been recommended as the top face-covering in the UK in a Daily Mail-Manchester Metropolitan University test This is just the start. There is a long way to go and we pledge to continually evolve and improve without compromising on fit, style and comfort.