Why you should care about shopping sustainably for underwear

Why is sustainable underwear important to you?

Why is Nudea underwear different?

"At Nudea all of our products are made with recycled, organic or natural materials and have been produced in factories that use renewable energy and no harmful or toxic chemicals in their manufacturing processes. With over 20 components involved in the making of a bra, all our suppliers and sub-suppliers sign up to our strict supplier code of conduct based on the B Corp framework and minimise the environmental impact of our products by prioritising near-shoring and sourcing components within the same region of a factory. ”

Why should I care about shopping sustainably for underwear?

“According to the UNECE, the fashion industry is responsible for up to 10% of greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans and 20% of global wastewater and The Ellen Macarthur Foundation (2022a) reports that the equivalent of a truck load of clothing is being sent to landfill or burnt every second. There is no second life for underwear due to limited options for reselling, renting, or donating so it's important to buy less, wear and care more in the first place."

How will I benefit from sustainable fashion?

How can I change my shopping habits to help the planet?

“Be curious, and ask questions. Look at the labels and composition of the items you wear - the first step is to be a conscious consumer. This a small change but you'll see a huge change in your personal habits as you will naturally start aligning with brands that drive more than just a product. Secondly, shop less and shop better. Invest in sustainable pieces that will stand the test of time as well as considering second hand items when looking for new additions to your wardrobe. This obviously does not apply to underwear so we suggest investing in a comfortable, sustainable bra and making sure you have the right fit so it will support you for as long as possible.”

Slip into something a little more sustainable?

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