Meet Our Founder


Nudea was founded by sustainability trailblazer and fashion enthusiast Priya Downes, whose passion for environmental and ethical responsibility began long before the brand was born.

Prior to her years of working in luxury fashion, Priya was part of a pioneering sustainability movement within The World Bank where she developed several initiatives to champion projects on environmental responsibility and fair trade fashion around the world. Her dedication to encouraging a more conscious approach to fashion did not go unnoticed with The Washington Post penning her as a key change maker in the world of fashion at the age of 25.



Having grown up in Kenya, where she witnessed poverty first hand, Priya has always been focused and determined to make positive changes to the world where possible but her interest in sustainable underwear came following the birth of her second child. Having worked for several luxury fashion houses including Burberry and Chanel, Priya put a lot of time and thought into styling her wardrobe but found that she rarely put thought into the layers closest to her skin.

This was, in part, because whenever she shopped for underwear she was often left feeling uninformed and unsupported. After asking several friends about where to turn for reliable everyday pieces, she found that there weren’t many options at all and even less which were also kind to the planet.



This sparked Priya’s motivation to create her own line of bras and briefs designed with purpose and the perfect fit in mind, to create a brand with sustainable and ethical business practices at its core, only working with factories and suppliers who share this ethos and responsible outlook. To provide a solution to everyday underwear that is comfortable, easy to wear and supportive.

Priya’s love for the planet goes beyond her interest in driving change within the fashion industry as an avid beekeeper who also finds joy spending time in nature with her husband and three children.