How to measure your bra size

How To Use The Nudea Fit Tape®

Step One:
Measure Your Underband

∙Wrapping the Fit Tape around your body under your bust, thread the tape through the gold ring.

∙ Pull the tape until you feel a snug fit and you'll see your underband number in the coloured zone at the gold ring.

∙Note down this underband number.

Step Two:
Measure Your Cup

∙ Turn the tape over and hold the middle section between your chest.

∙ Pull the tape across the fullest part of your largest boob to measure. Try measuring to the end of the fleshy part of your boob.

∙ Match your underband number from step 1 to the Cup letter in your size zone from step 2 to find your fitted bra size.

∙ If you're between zones, go for what feels best for you: the tighter zone for a snug fit, looser for something more relaxed.

Find Your Fit

Next, you have three options...

1. Find the perfect bra for your unique size and shape by completing our Fit Finder Quiz

2. Book a virtual fitting with one of our Fit Experts who can guide you through our different styles and what would suit you best, or

3. Have a browse through our collection and find your preferred type of bra (and get the knickers to go with it!)