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What makes Nudea Underwear sustainable?

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Biodegradable underwear packaging

Is Nudea Underwear ethical?

Yes it is! We choose to partner with factories that care as much about the planet as we do. Our underwear is made in Portugal, India and China in factories that are constantly working to reduce waste and innovate in sustainable practices. They train and hire local women, create a safe working environment and pay a fair living wage.

Carbon neutral

In 2021 Nudea officially became carbon neutral. We carried out a complete assessment of our emissions and now offset more than we create. You can find out more about our work to become carbon neutral and the projects we support here.

Is Nudea a B Corp and what does this mean?

We are delighted to be able to say that as of 2022 Nudea is a certified B Corporation brand. It is an honour to be recognised for our commitment to being as sustainable and ethical as possible and to be held accountable to maintain and improve on our sustainability practices. You can read more about our B Corp impact score at the official B Corp site.

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