Supporting you
and The Planet

At Nudea, every piece is designed and created with care. Each design stretches traditional engineering to squeeze as much longevity as possible out of every garment so they continue to support you for longer. We recognise that when it comes to something you wear every single day it's important to make better choices especially with the layers closest to your skin.

Buying less and caring more is the only practical way we can reduce our carbon footprint. If we consider our purchases more carefully, we change the relationship with our underwear from meaningless - to meaningful. Caring more by washing and drying more consciously, and disposing of your unwanted items responsibly all contribute to reducing the impact that a garment has on the planet.

To help you even further, all Nudea garments are displayed with their cradle-to-grave kg CO2e emissions on the product page. By being more transparent with our carbon footprint we hope to reduce our carbon even further and create products which are truly as planet friendly as they can be. The carbon is calculated by our partners at Vaayu who undertake a life-cycle assessment (LCA) for each of our products. This estimates the carbon emissions generated across the entire life of the product from production to disposal.

Vaayu’s estimates incorporate all relevant lifecycle stages, including raw material extraction, raw material processing, product manufacturing, distribution and deliveries, product use, and end of life.

Results are based on a combination of supplier-specific data and secondary data and, like all LCA impact calculations, are subject to uncertainty. Emissions estimates are expressed in kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent (kg/CO2e), which also accounts for other relevant greenhouse gases such as methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O).


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