Our commitment to people and planet

We are passionate about leaving the world in a better way than we found it. It is this belief that inspires our sustainability practices and pledge to support our community of like-minded women.

We use recycled, sustainable and innovative fabrics and practices to design products that are both kind to the planet and the person wearing them. 

B Corp Certification 

We believe that transparency is trust, and therefore are committed to honesty across the board. We are proud to have been a Certified B Corporation since 2022. You can read more about our B Corp impact score at the official B Corp site.

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Bra Recycling

With no second life options and over 30 different components, bras are difficult to dispose of sustainably. With Nudea’s Bra Recycling scheme you can dispose of your old bras responsibly when they come to the end of their lives.

We accept any brand, style and condition and will give you 20% off our bra collections, to say thank you. 

Recycle My Bras
We have recycled 1800 bras
Carbon Calculations

All Nudea garments are displayed with their cradle-to-grave kg CO2e emissions on the product page. By being more transparent with our carbon footprint we hope to reduce our carbon even further and create products which are truly as planet friendly as they can be.

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We take active measures to support both people and planet and strive to create products that truly care. As well as supporting causes and initiatives which mean a lot to us, we pledge to give 1% of all sales to charity and empower our customers to make positive changes, no matter how small.