Nudea's Bra-cycling Scheme

Bra-cycle With Us For 20% Off

Did you know the average woman in the UK owns 20 bras, but only wears the same 5 on repeat?

Spring clean your underwear drawer and recycle your old bras with us – in return we’ll give you 20% off a bra that you’ll actually want to wear every day.

Any brand, any style, any condition – we'll recycle it!
How To Recycle Your Bras With Nudea

CLICK HERE and enter 'RECYCLING' in the Order Number box to receive a pre-paid label back to our warehouse

Print the label and attach it to a parcel no bigger than 61x46x40cm and 20kg with all your unwanted underwear from ANY brand.

Send it back to us for recycling via our partner Terracycle.

Receive your 20% off code to use on your next order with us!

How Our Partner Terracycle Recycles Your Bras

Once bras arrive with Terracycle, they dismantle them into three categories: textile, metal and rigid plastic. This makes it ensures each material gets recycled in the right way.

Fibres are separated based on whether they are natural (i.e. cotton, silk), synthetic (i.e. polyester, nylon), or a combination of both within a single item (i.e. a shirt that is 60% cotton and 40% polyester). Once separated, natural fibers are converted into a material called “shoddy” that is used for insulation and product stuffing. Synthetic fibers are processed into a densified or pelletized material mixture that can be used for new product applications such as carpet backing.

Plastics are ground up and melted to become a usable raw material for new product manufacturing. Recycled plastics can be used in a range of moulded product applications such as compression moulding (i.e. plastic lumber, composite decking, outdoor furniture), injection moulding (i.e. waste and recycling bins, storage toes, small parts) or blow moulding (i.e. bottles, tubes, films, watering cans).

Metals such as aluminium and stainless steel are shredded, baled, and sent for smelting. The result of this process is typically sheet or bar stock that is used as the base material for new stamped product applications (i.e. washers, rings, nuts/bolts, etc.).