In Conversation With Angie Smith

From her favourite morning routines to the must-have accessories she can't live without.

We caught up with celebrity stylist and connoisseur of effortless aesthetics Angie Smith to discuss her daily routine, insights into wellness and fashion, and the importance of good underwear.

Talk us through a day in the life of Angie Smith?

Every day is different here in Australia, which I love, but I try to keep a few things the same as I've learned over the years that my body and mind like a bit of routine. On my workdays, I like to get up and out early. I love going for a sunrise walk along the beach and doing a Pilates class, then I get a coffee on the way home or meet a friend for breakfast. I work at home or in a local café when I'm on my laptop. I find I get more done if I go to a café as I'm a terrible procrastinator and end up doing chores at home if I'm there.

Lunch is usually a salad or wrap, and I take Gus, my dog, out for a walk. In the afternoon, I usually film content at home, get dinner ready, and then pick Dusty up from daycare. We have dinner together, a bath, and then read some books before bed. He’s at daycare three days a week, which helps a lot as my partner works away up to five months of the year.

If it's warm, we'll go to the beach every day when he’s not at daycare and the park to see friends. We live on the northern beaches, which feels very village-like, and most of our friends live within a 20-minute walk, which I love. It's very different from when I lived in London.

Angie Smith

What does wellness look like for you, and how do you keep yourself balanced?

Staying balanced is very important to me, and wellness is a huge part of my life. I feel like I only really started paying attention to how I felt and my body when I moved to Sydney. Mostly because I had time since getting off the hamster wheel of living and working in London for 20 years, and I believe that it played a huge part in my journey to being able to have a baby.

Since having Dusty, I rely on my wellness practices to keep myself balanced. In an ideal world, I'd do a big walk and Pilates every day, but life with a toddler has meant that I've learned to go with the flow more, so I just take life day by day and don’t beat myself up if I haven’t had time to get any exercise in.

I take AG1 daily, which I've found helps my digestion work better, makes my hair grow, and helps me feel good mentally. I've recently discovered breathwork and went on a meditation retreat at SOMA early last year. Now, I try to incorporate both into my life when I feel like I need it. In an ideal world, I would practice meditation daily as I get so much out of it. The mental clarity and the thoughts and ideas that I have when I meditate mean that I always keep a notepad close so I can write them down. It can be so random, but weirdly, they all end up making sense in the days or weeks that follow.

What is your holy grail item that you couldn’t be without?

My St Christopher pendant. I've worn and traveled with a St Christopher for the last 20 years, and I'm now quite superstitious about wearing one. I've had a few over the years and like to wear my original one doubled up with my Kirstie Le Marque one.

How important are the right underwear foundations when styling an outfit?

Good underwear is everything. It’s got to feel good and be supportive, especially since breastfeeding Dusty. I haven’t been able to go back to wired bras since, and I love Nudea’s soft cotton crop top for around the house and their triangle styles to wear with everything else. I've worn Nudea for more than three years now. They were the first non-wired bras that I tried that offered support and were comfy.

How can underwear and sleepwear be styled as part of an outfit?

Nudea’s sleepwear is so classic that I’ve worn the shirts and shorts as beach cover-ups. The striped shirt looks great with jeans (it’s like the most perfect vintage striped shirt), and the cotton is so fine that it’s feather-light, which I love. I also think their striped PJ pants work well for day-to-day wear with a white vest. The women’s boxer shorts are so cool and could be styled up with an oversized blazer, ankle socks, and loafers, but I’m definitely not cool enough to wear it like that!