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How to check your bra size with Nudea's Fit Tape

A step by step guide on using our signature tape to find the fit for you

How To Use The Nudea Fit Tape®

Measuring your bra size is something that women should do regularly but it is often avoided as people consider a traditional fitting to involve an awkward encounter at the department store or navigating complicated conversions with a measuring tape. So, we took these two pain points and removed them. With our bespoke easy to use Fit Tape you can find the your bra size from the comfort of your own home in just two simple steps. 

Measure Your Underband

  • Wrapping the Fit Tape around your body under your bust, thread the tape through the gold ring.
  • Pull the tape until you feel a snug fit and you'll see your underband number in the coloured zone at the gold ring.
  • Make a not of this underband number.

Measure Your Cup

  • Turn the tape over and hold the middle section between your breasts.
  • Pull the tape across the fullest part of your largest breast to measure. Try measuring to the end of the soft part of your breast.
  • Match your underband number from step 1 to the cup letter in your size zone from step 2 to find your fitted bra size.
  • If you're between zones, go for what feels best for you: the tighter zone for a snug fit, looser for something more relaxed.


For more details view our full video. Still unsure of your size, why not arrange a virtual fitting appointment with one of our bra experts and they can talk you through finding the fit for you.