The Nudea Essentials Kit

Our Nudea Essentials Kit provides you with necessary tools for a new physically distant world. 


If you would like to start your fit journey sooner you can purchase the NUDEA Fit Tape (shipping now) and the Face Mask (shipping from the 1st August) separately. 

  • The Nudea Essentials Kit includes: 

    • Our Custom-created Fit Tape designed for you to self-measure at home for accurate Bra Sizing. Made from durable vinyl and comes with a handy instruction card

     The Nudea Face Mask -Designed as a barrier-mask, the NUDEA mask is designed to offer a sustainable, reusable approach to covering up.

    **Please note, this is not a medical-grade face mask but aims to support you as you embark on a new physically-distanced lifestyle**

    • A Virtual Fit Session

    • Download of the NUDEA 'Fit is Right' Trivia Quiz

    • Donation to CoppaFeel!

    As part of our Taking Measures campaign, each purchase of our Essentials Kit comes with a free download of the NUDEA Fit is Right Trivia Quiz - providing entertaining support for physically-distanced socialising in partnership with illustrator Eugenia Mello. We will also be making a charitable donation to CoppaFeel on behalf of every customer who purchases our Fit Tape or Mask.

    Each Essentials Kit also comes with a complimentary virtual Fit Session. A one-to-one with a bra expert to find your ideal fit. They will talk you through how to use our bespoke tape, discuss any current bra fit issues you may have and recommend styles to suit your unique shape and size.

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