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FIT QUIZ & fit tape

What is your Online Fitting Room?
It is a unique questionnaire that uses a sophisticated algorithm to recommend you your correct size.
What is the NUDEA Fit Tape and how is it different to the traditional measuring technique?
We have developed a bespoke measuring tape, which revolutionises the way we measure ourselves! Say goodbye to humiliation of stuffy changing rooms and confusing calculations and hello to our at-home tape that reveals your band measurement on one side and cup measurement on the other - it really is that simple!
Is the Fit Quiz or the Tape Measure a better method?
Neither one is better than the other. You can even use the two in conjunction with one another by ordering our Nudea Fit Tape and inputing your size in our Online Fitting Room, which adds the additional recommendations dependent on breast shape and height.


Do you offer student discounts?
At the moment we do not offer a discount for students.
Do you provide a new customer/first purchase discount?
At the moment we do not offer any new customer discounts, but sign up to our newsletter for any exclusive offers!


When will my card be charged for my order?
It can take up to 3 days to process a card payment but may show immediately.
Problem processing my card, what do I do?
Give us a message through our Live web chat, or send us an email to support@nudea.com. and someone from our support team will hopefully be able to assist you.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all UK credit and debit cards, including American Express.
Do you offer an account facility so I can pay monthly?
We do not offer this service.
Can I pay by Cheque?
We do not accept payment by cheque.
I live outside the EU, will I have to pay VAT?
I live in the channel Islands will VAT be deducted from my order?


So what size am I?
You can take our Fit Quiz or order yourself a bespoke NUDEA Fit Tape to find your true bra size.
What bra would suit me best?
Our unique Online Fitting Room not only allows you to find your correct bra size, but it uses programmed intelligence to recommend styles, which suit your breast shape and height.
I've been wearing the same size bra for years, why do I need to re-measure myself now?
80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra - crazy, right?! We change body size many times throughout our lifetime. Whether you've gained weight, lost weight or had a baby, your breasts are likely to have changed size, so get measured up and thank us later.
Will you be extending your range of sizes?
YES! With being a brand new start-up comes its limitations. But, we will be looking to expand our band and cup size range very soon, so watch this space!
Why have I been recommended two different sizes?
If you have taken the Fit Quiz, you will have been given your recommended size and a sister size. This sister size is personal preference and is explained in more detail below.
What is sister sizing?
If you are a 30B, your sister size would be a 32A. These are, in effect, the same size as it contains the same volume. So, if you go up a band size, you must go down a cup size and if you go down a band size, you must go up a cup size. Read more about Sister Sizing.
What UK sizes are XXS - XXL?
Please use our Size Guide for more details on sizing.

Taking Measures

How does it work?
Our Trivia Kit is available to download with every purchase of the Nudea Fit Tape  or the Nudea Essentials Bundle.
Once you've placed your order, you will receive an email with your link to download the Trivia Kit, which you can host at your leisure with friends and family. You'll just need a computer screen to project visuals, pen and paper and quiz master skills!
To enter the prize draw, you must follow the entry guidelines in the quiz and enter via social media.


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